When you think of promotional items – especially plastic ones such as pens, rulers, mugs, keyrings and water bottles – it’s natural to assume that they are made in the Far East.  And, you’d not be far wrong.  The majority of the world’s plastic promotional items are made overseas with all the inherent shipping costs and long lead times.

You now have a choice to BUY BRITISH if you wish.  For many years we’ve sold promotional merchandise made overseas, but at last we have found a wide range of items that are made here in England!

We are now working with the UK’s largest trade supplier of promotional items, and as of now, we are an official distributor of one of the biggest and best ranges available.  And – here’s the big PLUS, over 90% of the plastic items manufactured are made in England, including all the big selling items such as pens, mugs, water bottles, and rulers.

This is great news for companies which have a strong environmental policy, as buying British, means that haulage pollution is drastically reduced as products don’t have to travel half way round the world.  We believe that quality of the British-made merchandise is also better; we’ve seen where they are made and the levels of quality control each item undergoes, so a better made product ticks this box for us.

Innovation is another key aspect of working with this leading supplier.  They have just launched a range of the best-selling Americano mugs that allow for the whole area to be printed.  So, just think of the impact that could have on your brand!

Bespoke items are now possible, made here in England.  For instance, if you want specially shaped rulers that reflect your product or brand, then it’s now possible, thanks to investment in new advanced machinery.

Of course, some companies want to fly the flag and buy British wherever possible.  Well, now you can.

Promotional merchandise is a cost effective and popular way of getting your name in front of prospects, thanking a customer for business, supporting an exhibition, conference or other event.  There are hundreds of items in this brilliant range, including some high-end drinkware and paper products that really do set the giver apart from their competitors.

Find this fabulous range here at http://www.triform.net/services/new-promotional-gifts/ or if you’d like some advice or inspiration, just ring a member of our team on 01827 261 261.  We’ll provide samples, mood boards or branded visuals if you require.  Just ask!