How daring will you be?  Do you want to impress and excite your customers?  Do you want your company and product to stand out in the market?  Then put on your best glad rags and really go to town, after all you don’t want to look like Cinderella, do you?

It’s human nature to want to look our best, so why should our corporate communications be any different.  How often have you seen poorly produced business cards or brochures, printed at the most basic level onto poor stock?  And, importantly what impression does that leave?

Now, thanks to huge innovations in print finishing techniques, you can look your best every day – and certainly stand out from your competitors.

Digital printing has come a long way in a relatively short time, and it’s no longer litho’s poor relation, as exciting and innovative print finishes are now possible with digital print technology.  It is now possible to add huge value to brochures, stationery and direct mail by utilising metallic effects onto a broad range of paper and card.  Just think of the impact that gold foil effect could have on the cover of your sales or company brochure.  It will look just as impressive on your business card too!

Back in the days, these metallic effects could only be achieved using litho technology, and that meant long runs and relatively high costs.  Now top-quality results can be achieved through digital printing, so short runs are possible and affordable.  Add to this the chance to personalise – say for a direct mail campaign – and the effect is just WOW!  Maximum points for getting noticed and being remembered!

It is now possible to use these effects in a variety of innovative ways.  Gold and silver metallic can be overlaid as tints to simulate other metallic effects such as copper or bronze.  A clear toner can be added in a spot position or overall, and even in multiple layers to build up interesting textural effects.  These new techniques have incredible impact to any piece of literature, direct mail piece, stationery, invitation or brochure.

Why stop there?  Add a soft touch laminate for a real sensory experience – the result is like stroking a piece of velvet, so if your customers will appreciate a touchy feely experience, then go for it!  Or you may prefer a high shine, then a spot gloss will dazzle, or you like a more subtle approach, then opt for a matt lamination.

Now to really get the creative mind blowing – how about a white opaque finish which looks sensational on coloured card, transparent or metallic papers.  If you really want to push the creative envelope, then specify white on white.  This can pack a really powerful punch if it suits your product or brand, by building up layers of white ink in a spot position, to create interesting visual and textural finishes.

Choice of stock in digital printing has also moved on, as it’s now possible to print onto card up to 350gsm and onto coated and coloured stock, so you are no longer limited to the process.  Just think how personalised conference or customer folders would look enhanced with a metallic finish and the recipient’s name.  If you want to impress, this is the way forward!

There is no doubt that print is making a comeback, and these new fabulous innovative printing techniques are leading the charge.  It’s a kick-back on the digital world where no amount of videos, slideshows, and interactive plays will ever replace the experience of a piece of beautifully printed collateral, and if you add the sensory pleasure of touch, you are on to a winner.  More and more companies, especially the retail brands are returning to print because it delivers a better return on investment and increases brand recognition and loyalty.

Find out more about the power and beauty of these innovative new finishing techniques.  Ask for special finishes on your next print project, or talk to our experienced account managers who will be pleased to give advice and show you samples.

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