It’s easy to assume that reading the news online is more environmentally friendly than a printed version. In fact, the opposite is true. A report by the Swedish Royal Institute for Technology states that reading a printed newspaper can consume 20% less carbon than viewing the news online.

When we send email, we lose sight of the environmental factors. They just aren’t in our line of sight – unlike a hard-printed copy of a letter, document, brochure, magazine or newspaper. But every email sent generates power consumption. Just think of the millions of PCs, laptops, routers, servers and other electrically powered devices out there all using electricity, day and night. Consider also the huge amount of power required to manufacture all these PCs, laptops, servers and other devices.

Unlike electronic communication, paper-based communication can be re-cycled, and most of us today are committed to recycling waste products such as paper, plastic and glass.

The paper industry itself is heavily committed and involved in reforestation; planting new trees to replace those used in the manufacture of paper and working in conjunction with certification schemes such as FSC and PEFC to ensure that paper comes from sustainable forest sources.

Printing processes are also evolving and becoming more environmentally friendly with a commitment to reduce the impact on our world. ISO 14001 accredited printers are required to make a commitment to strive to reduce their carbon footprint across the entire company. This is done using vegetable-based inks, recycling cleaning solvents and waste and sourcing paper from sustainable and well-managed forests and offsetting any remaining carbon emissions.

So, the next time you think about sending your next marketing campaign electronically, consider that a print-based campaign could be more environmentally friendly. Not to mention, the power that a printed item has on our senses, being pleasing to the eye, tactile to touch and even fragrant to the nose. When did you last sniff an email?

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