How Quickly Can You Fall In Love?
Fall in love with Digital Print

It depends on the methods of seduction and persistence of your suitor.  But, you are much more likely to take notice of the potential mate who addresses you by your name (rather than a generic “alright darling…….”), who knows your likes and dislikes and who gives you all of his or her attention.  What’s not to like?  Chances are you will be ready to fall in love with someone who treats you as someone special.

So, why do so many companies treat their customers as just one of the herd?  A number, not a name?   We see over and over, the complete lack of attention and customer care – even from big name retailers – who continue to address a customer as “Dear Sir or Madam” or “Dear Customer”.  It makes us wonder why companies pay so little attention to the people who keep them in business!

Seduce your customers and they’ll love you forever.

By simply addressing a customer by his or her name in written communication will make a huge difference to how you are perceived and how much they engage with your communication.  People like to hear or read their own name, it shows a genuine interest and it is true one-to-one-communication.

If you are really switched on to personal communication, you can take this one step further.  If you know that your customer has bought a red dress, a blue car or 6 bottles of Prosecco, then refer to it in your letter, mailer, postcard or other communication.  This shows that you really know them and are interested in their purchasing habits.

Get up close and personal with digital print.

Digital print using variable data can personalise so much more as this print process continues to push the technological boundaries to give marketers and print buyers really exciting opportunities to be creative and really engage with their customers.  Personalisation in print works!

One exciting advancement in digital print technology is the ability to add gold and silver metallic inks (a technique previously only possible in a litho process) to give interesting textural effects.  Add a clear varnish coating – either overall or in spot positions – and you have an impressive piece of printed material that’s snapping at the heels of a litho offering.

If you think that choice of stock is limited with a digital print process, then think again.  Although digital print cannot – at the moment – print on all substrates, it is now possible to print onto card up to 350 gsm and onto coated and coloured stock.  This now opens up opportunities to do short-run, personalised print combined with fabulous finishes to really grab the attention of your customers.  And, make them fall in love with you.

No-one has more to offer in digital print than Triform.

Why?  Because as one of the leading print management companies we work with more digital printers than most.  We work with over 300 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited litho print and digital print partners throughout the UK, so we know precisely which is the right printer for any given job.  As print management specialists we guarantee quality of print, best pricing and on-time delivery and because we are print experts, we are always on hand to give advice.

Triform is wholly dedicated to print.  We source the best, we store in our central warehouse, we pick, pack and distribute hundreds of printed items every day throughout the world.  We are also logistics experts, so we ensure that items are securely packed to minimise the chance of damage, and work with specially selected courier partners to help us deliver our promise.

Work with us and feel the love!

To us each and every customer is special and they enjoy special treatment.  We assign an experienced print account manager to every customer, so they have a single point of contact who is dedicated to providing a first class print management service.  And, we always go the extra mile to give outstanding customer satisfaction in all that we do.  No wonder our customers love us!

Work with the Triform team and you’ll quickly feel our love, care and attention, and of course our competitive pricing, excellent quality and on-time delivery.

For more information on our services, please browse our website, or if you would like to talk to one of our team about print management for your business, please telephone us on +44 (0)1827 261261, email us at, or complete your details on our contact form.