Storage and fulfilment

Storage & Fulfilment

Our fulfilment specialists have years of experience in packing print and non-print related items into consolidated shipments.

As part of our commitment to ISO14001 we strive to reduce all packaging and carbon footprint associated with all parcels we transport and therefore adopt a proactive attitude to keeping both (and associated costs) to an absolute minimum.

Triform willingly manage stock from third party suppliers and consolidate with products we source on behalf of our clients. Historically these products have included telephones, uniforms, disc repair machines, cash counting machines, picture frames, etc.

  • Own dedicated warehouse staff
  • Secure storage
  • Tailored packaging solutions geared towards consolidated shipments
  • Parcel tracking
  • Service fulfilment levels @ 99.6%
  • Experience in international shipments / legislation
  • Proven stock management systems - minimising wastage / obsolescence
  • Best parcel contract rates across multiple carriers.

Onsite, Triform have capacity to accommodate circa 2,000 pallet locations.

As our facility is a dedicated pick & pack facility excess bulk products are stored off site locally with our third party logistics partners, who have a combined capacity to store up to 4,000 pallets. We will utilise this facility to bulk store pallets and pull forward stock to replenish the pick locations as the need arises.



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