It’s that time of year when the exhibition calendar starts to countdown and you realise that you’ve not even started the dreaded “TO DO” list.  But don’t do what you’ve always done, raise the bar a notch or three and make a pledge that this year you will be the Peacock, not the shrinking violet.

Exhibitions are all about showing off, strutting your stuff and being noticed.  Too many companies become invisible at shows, because they do what they’ve always done – and guess what, they get the same results.

Start your planning now, pledge to be bold, fresh, innovative.  THINK PEACOCK!

We can help you be bold by putting our creative and design talents to good use on your exhibition material.  So, if you are stuck for ideas and would like some design inspiration, just ask us.

We are also here to help you go from “TO DO” to “DONE” as quickly and stress-free as possible.  After all, who wants to be stressed in the run up to a big show, when it’s stressful enough doing a 10-hour stint on the stand meeting and greeting with an ear-to-ear permagrin!

We can supply just about everything you need to make your exhibition look good and feel good.  Don’t drag out last year’s stand or roller banners from the back of the dusty store room and hope they’ll do, take an objective view and see if the messaging is still relevant, have you launched any new products that should be showcased and is the design and imagery as bold as you would like?  After all, you don’t get any marks at a show for being a shrinking violet.  THINK PEACOCK!

Do you have enough brochures, flyers and business cards?  There’s nothing worse or unprofessional than running out halfway through the show – it makes you look like a poor relation.  Or, why not really push the boat out and have some new business cards printed with the latest metallic, gloss or soft-touch laminate finishes – that will make you stand out from your competitors.  Have a look at our Dress to Impress blog for inspiration.

Have you thought of promotional giveaways?  They needn’t be expensive, but do think about choosing something out of the ordinary, after all there’s only so many pens visitors can collect in a day!  We’ve got a huge, brand new range of promotional gifts, with many of the plastic items made here in the UK, so if your company has a strong environmental policy, this will tick a box.  Get your brand out there and show your competitors that you mean business.  See our great range of promotional items  or we will be happy to advise, draw up some mood boards or provide samples.

Invitations!  Who doesn’t like a personalised invitation from a favoured supplier or potential business partner.  We can design and print bespoke invitations, personalised with your guest’s name.  Perhaps you’d like them sequentially numbered for the grand prize draw.  We know from experience that a personalised invitation greatly increases your chances of customers and prospects visiting your stand, and if there’s a chance to win a prize, then what’s not to like?  Think about inviting customers and prospects to your stand to claim their unique exhibition giveaway – look at our range and choose items within your budget.

Do you need extra brochures, catalogues or newsletters?  Would an exhibition flyer go down well?  If you don’t have one, we’ll be pleased to design it for you, print and deliver well in time for the big day.

Whatever your exhibition or print needs – we can supply them on time, with guaranteed quality at the best price.   Look for the unique Triform Triple Guarantee we believe that we are the only print management company to offer such a guarantee!

Make your pledge now!  No more shrinking violet, PEACOCKS are the future……

For prices, advice, samples or just a chat about our print services ring a member of the team on 01827 261261 or email